Lady Safety Stick Electric With Torch

Lady Safety Stick Electric With Torch

Good choice for self-defense.

Product Introduction:
1. High quality material, advanced circuit
2. Large capability AC discharge, above 3000KV. Good choice for self-defense.
3. Combination of stun gun and flashlight
4. Elaborate design suitable for both of men and women


1. Power input: 4.8VDC
2. Current: ≥ 2.0A
3. Power output: Above 3000kv
4. Weight: 380g
5. Size: L163mm× 38mm

How to use
1. Users in the use of former, With the product configuration of built-in rechargeable battery charger for, Charging 6-8 hours. (Using the method: Insert the battery power battery charger, another end interface with insert 220V power source can charge, Battery indicator)
2. At the end of the power switch will set open files(ON), press the red button, can use electrical shock. Drag the black light lamp switch can use bright lights. Shock when may not use bright lights.
3. Do not shocks more than 60 seconds. Do not shock person with heart disease and any vital part on human body.