WireleX Xtouch Kit PRO (GSM)

WireleX Xtouch Kit PRO (GSM)

WireleX Xtouch Kit PRO , a GSM security kit with 16 zone to give alert on 5 registered number on intrusion.

Package Included:

Alarm Panel - 1
Remote Control - 2
Wireless Indian Door Sensor (7 years battery backup) - 2
Wireless Imported PIR Motion Sensor - 1
Cable - 1
Guide - 1


  • Add Up To 16 Wireless Devices With Panel As Below
  • Add 10 Normal Wireless Sensors Like Shutter Sensor, Door Sensor, Beam Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Glass Break Sensor, Multi Functional Detector, Etc
  • Add 4 Always Active/ 24x7 Sensors Like Smoke Sensor, Panic Switch, Emergency Sensor, Etc
  • Add 2 Remote Of Four Button which have facility of Arm, Disarm, Panic On And Panic Off
  • Entire System On Rechargeable Battery
  • No Dry Battery For Siren 
  • 2 Years Warranty For Device
  • ROHS Certified Pcb And Microcontroller 
  • Recharge Reminder For Sim Card Inside Device.
  • Panic On / Off Facility Via App In case of Emergency
  • Alert Up To 5 Mobile Number Via Sms, Call And App 
  • Disarm Via Sms, Call And Press "1" To Disarm When Device Calls 
  • Battery & Signal Strength In Every Arm & Disarm SMS
  • Auto De-Active Mode Via Timer 
  • 4 Meter Long Charging Cable Wire For 5V Mobile Charger Adaptor
  • Hard Acoustic Siren 
  • Sleek Design 
  • Password Protected 
  • Low Battery Warning Enabled Via Sms 
  • Resistant To Any Unknown Number 
  • Gsm Signal Strength And Balance Can Be Known By Sms 
  • 8- 10 Days Standby Battery Backup With Battery Ok Tested 
  • No False Alarm 
  • Rust Free Body 
  • Fully Reliable & Field Proven Design 
  • Zero Maintenance 
  • Shock Proof, Weather Proof & Sturdy 
  • Standalone Unit